Supply List

We have prepared a form to enter aslicing blade parts. You can choose from the offer about 400 kinds of materials with different combinations squared-party peripheral parts. In the "Purchaser¨ please fill customer business name, e-mail address and mobile contact. 

The second part of "Cut-parts" consists of a list of technical specifications of individual parts (material selection, description of the work's title, a note to specify the requirementsf or bonding and pitching, the requirement to comply orientation drawing-fiberthickness, length, width, number of pieces, edge selection). In the case o fmissing or incorrectly entered items form prompts you for the repair. We recommend print the form before sending. Finally, just to confirm consent to the inclusion in the production and through tlačitkoorder "submit. The same message will be delivered to email the customerand supplier. Annex to the report is a CSV file, which will include the technical parameters of parts in a readable form for the Recovery of family houses. This file was to use, can not contain accented characters! Do not usepunctuation! We recomend Mozilla Firefox, for which they are optimized andpre-shipment will inform you that your form to enter an illegal character, malformed email, or phone.